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2 in stock

Buy the Alien: Isolation Season Pass and get this great money saving official bundle of five add on packs to download including: 


1) Alien: Isolation – Corporate Lockdown: This pack features three all-new maps:for Survivor Mode, a time-based challenge to test your skills. Can you evade the Alien for long enough to survive or will you try to take the Alien head-on? 

– Three new maps, stretching from the Corporate Penthouse to the Medlabs.
– New playable character Ransome gives you the firepower to take the fight to your enemies.
– Upload your best times to the Alien: Isolation leaderboards and challenge the world. 


2) Alien: Isolation – Trauma:  This pack features three all-new maps for Survivor Mode, a time-based challenge to test your skills. Face off against a range of enemies across the medical bays of Sevastopol station. Will you evade, distract or confront them? You’ll have to act fast if you want to survive.
– Three new maps, including a claustrophobic scramble through the Sevastopol vents.
– Play as Chief Medical Officer Lingard and get faster access to Medikits and distraction IEDs.
– Destroy any trace of your research and save the survivors on the station.


3) Alien: Isolation – Safe Haven: This pack is the third add-on content pack featuring the all-new Salvage Mode. How long can you survive? You’ve found the only safe room on Sevastopol but supplies are running out. You’ll have to venture out, complete objectives and return to the safe room safely. But who’s waiting for you out there? And what choices will you make to stay alive?
– An all new Salvage Mode map, twice the size of any previous Survivor Mode map.
– Play as Hughes, and get faster access to the Bolt Gun, Shotgun and EMP Mine.
– Choose to explore the Gemini Systems or the Bacchus Apartments.  


4) Alien: Isolation – Lost Contact: Trapped in deep space on board Sevastopol, you’ll need to explore the station to complete objectives and survive. Can you evade your enemies across ten waves of challenges, or will you take them head-on?
– The second all new Salvage Mode map, featuring the Lorenz Private Wards and the Emergency Power Plant.
– Play as fan-favourite Axel and equip yourself with the Revolver and Boltgun.
– Try to survive encounters with Working Joes, other humans and the terrifying Alien itself. 


5) Alien: Isolation – The Trigger: Can you make Sevastopol safe? You’ve been given a box of explosives and the locations to set them. All you need to do now is pull the trigger… and stay alive.
– Features three all-new Survivor Mode maps. Can you survive and get the highest score?
– Play as Ricardo and learn the truth behind the explosives on board Sevastopol.
– Avoid security alarms, take on Working Joes and above all, survive the Alien.


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Requires the base game Alien: Isolation PC Download to activate.

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